This wikia page is about the book "Convergence Culture" written by Henry Jenkins who defines the relationship between three concepts; participatory culture, collective intelligence and media convergence.

What do we mean by the term "Convergence"?

Media used to divergant before the digital revolution; for example TV and Broadcasting along with the Printing

The Guardian Newspaper in its traditional Printed format

Press were only viewed via one medium, yet now they have converged with the computer industry, to be viewed now online. Ultimately if you have missed a TV episode, it will alternatively be uploaded on the internet for you to view, furthermore you can also access news instantly online rather than going to buy the newspaper from your local shop. Are they new opportunities or is George Gilder right in stating "the computer had come not to transform mass culture but to destroy it."? .
Convergence culture guardian

The Guardian converged to a free online format

Nowadays media technologies allow us to have access to various Television shows, music, news and radio on many devices (Ipad, Iphone, Internet), therefore media convergence can be defined as accessing the same information from a variety of different media platforms to convey one message. For example; reading a book about Harry Potter, along with watching the Harry Potter Film to conclude by putting together the information which you found from viewing both mediums to create an online website- therefore collectively selecting various information from each one to create your own (collective intelligence) yet you are converging to a new medium to do this.

Initally going to work was seperate from socializing with your friends, yet if you have an Iphone for example you might email your manager about work, then text your friends about an event. Ultimately media convergence culture brings all aspects of your life together.

Jenkins stated convergence is "Where old and new media collide"- although parts of old media may not exist anymore for example, tape recorders, video recorders or type writters, ultimately we still needed the old media in order to create the media we have today.

What Is TransMedia?

What Is TransMedia?

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