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We once went to the local newsagents and bought either a newspaper or magazine as a consumer, yet now we view them online whilst also add comments and reviews or even collect footage for that specfic media organisation. Meanwhile due to the invention of mobile phones they allow us to video any footage such as natural disasters which are newsworthy, whilst take images when perhaps producers were not there at that point of time. Ultimately the consumer will then upload their footage online; consumers playing the role of producers.

The 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf story

The 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf story.

The Guardian published an advertisement this year advertising how instant they are when it comes to news, making sure you being a consumer are always updated instantly. Meanwhile, it also conveys different types of mediums when portraying news for example it shows Twitter, Youtube as well as The Guardian's onilne website- it shows that consumers are interacting frequently which is creating newsworthy news.

Meanwhile do you trust consumers or do you trust producers?

"Bert is Evil"Edit

In 2001, a high school student, Dino Ignacio, created a Photoshop collage of Sesame Street's (1970) Bert interacting with terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. Similar images were made in a series called "Bert is Evil".

In September 2011 a Bangladesh-based publisher set out to find images to be used on anti-American posters, signs and T-shirts. Ignacio's image was used for the merchandise although the Arab world probably didnt have any exposure to Bert and Ernie and only used the image as it was a good likeness of the al-Qaeda leader.

Not long afterwards, the image was used on thousands of posters and used in collages allover the middle east. CNN captured the hype and reported the angry mobs of anti-American protestors chanting and waving signs with Bert and Bin Laden on them.

The story circulated the web and fans produced websites and other online pages linking various Sesame Street characters with terrorists. So from his bedroom, Ignacio created an international controversy. A result of his creation was that he inspired his own cult following! Due to the mass publicity, Ignacio dismantled the site for his own good. This is an extreme example of participatory culture. The story wouldn't have been possible without consumers' active participation, people interacting and finding sources from the media broadened the little Photoshop edit into an international news coverage that Ignacio would never have expected.

Black Box Fallacy

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