A transmedia story is one that's told on many platforms. The story can develop and have dff
erent 'Entry Points' through different media platforms. A story thats been retold and converted for generations through media is 'The Bible'. Almost everyone knows the story and it's influence so many of our lives.
Google Chrome Julie Deane

Google Chrome Julie Deane

The Cambridge Satchel Company Story

This advertisment is a short film told through different platforms. It starts from email which is personal between two people which creates the equilibrium. The story develops through different entry points, such as the clip of the asian girl who is unwrapping her satchel, shows the appriciation for the product and also the creation of the website for the company expanding the story to thousands. Furthermore the website being accessed through iphones brings yet another platform of media into the story. Everyone has experienced different angles of the story, such as, some just view the satchel and see it as a high fashion accessory whereas other's see it as a creation made through a child's memory of a childhood item. What make's transmedia storytelling unique, is people sharing. People share their parts of the story and discuss their views and learn from others about the story, therefore broadening their knowledge of the story and making the story commercially bigger.

Misfits a well known television programme broadcasted on E4, enables consumers to interact with the characters from Misfits on their online website. Meanwhile sometimes when you have watched a film or a television programme once it has ended you are back to reality and some people enjoy being in that "fiction" world. To keep this feeling on-going for consumers they can also learn more about the characters, leave comments on their website along with watching episodes of Misfits too. Ultimately it creates a friendship with the consumers as well as creating realism which can alternatively from a producers point of view broaden the narrative of the television programme.


Participatory Culture

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